Trade Pattern System

Our flagship system, the Trade Pattern System. This system is used by all levels of trader, from entry-level through to the most experienced.

Indicators & Tools

A vast arsenal of tools, both technical and fundamental, are at the user’s disposal when trading with the Trade Pattern System. The interface provides tools for managing trading indicators, such as tools for removing analysis paralysis as well as customising the charts.

Clean portfolio management

View information on all your stocks and view the analysis of your stock portfolio, all inside one easy-to-read window. Watch historical and up-to-date market data, of all stocks, in beautifully crafted charts. Analyse your history, to plan ahead. A large amount of customisable settings and charts.

Huge Stocks Database

The Trade Pattern System reads a huge database of the most up-to-date stock data, at the end of each day, to determine the highest performing and the most under-valued opportunities.

Customise the notifications

The program provides alert & notification tools for many common scenarios, including, but not limited to; stop losses, price alerts, technical indicator alerts and buy/sell. Also allowing the user to set custom alerts, based on many possible factors.

Intuitive Trading Strategies

Built to be easy-to-use,  for the hobbyists to the most experienced traders, the System executes well over 200 technical and fundamental calculations, enabling the user to trade with little to no technical knowledge.

Easy Data Export/Import

The program provides simple means to import the stock market data, which it then uses to run it’s array of calculations. The system accepts imports of stock data in several formats, including CSV, and is compatible with all major data providers

Our trading analysts & support team will guide you in generating an income from the award-winning Trade Pattern System.

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