Trade Pattern Live Portal

The Trade Pattern Live Portal is our award-winning system, designed for experienced traders. The Live Portal utilises Fibonacci and Gann principles to predict the highs and lows in the market, using Cycle Phase Analysis. This method produces results with a high level of accuracy when used according to the techniques taught in our courses. With the Live Portal, the trader receives a licence for unlimited data usage of Trade Pattern’s own data servers. You will trade remotely whilst connected to our servers. The main advantage of using our servers is the quality and speed of our propriety connection with the data engines at the exchange – a sought-after benefit over the drawback in the latency of the connection compared to trading from home.

Read from the major exchanges

The Live Portal is the trader’s window to the biggest exchanges in the world. Traders can easily trade in all major and most desirable markets.

Clean portfolio management

View information on all your stocks and view the analysis of your stock portfolio, all inside one easy-to-read window. Watch historical and up-to-date market data, of all stocks, in beautifully crafted charts. Analyse your history, to plan ahead. A large amount of customisable settings and charts.

Professional charting parameters

The Live Portal reads live stock information straight from the major exchanges and presents the date to the trader in a clean, highly customisable professional interface, where the trader can interact and tailor the charts.

Customise the notifications

The system provides alert & notification tools for many common scenarios, including, but not limited to; stop losses, price alerts, technical indicator alerts and buy/sell. Also allowing the user to set custom alerts, based on many possible factors.

Customisable entry variables

Choose the date/time of trade execution, stop losses, sell/buy price, conditional logic and many more settings and variables.

Cloud-hosted market database

The Trade Pattern Live Portal pull data from our ultra-fast cloud servers, giving the end user access to a massive database without the usual overheads. The data on our servers is always up-to-date with the latest market data.

For further details on the Live Portal & pricing options click here and one of our helpful account managers will be in touch soon.