Trade Pattern FX Portal

The FX Portal is our dedicated currency trading product, built for the more seasoned forex trader.

Technical and fundamental analysis

The FX Portal provides two main global settings, used to make the algorithms and interface suit technical or fundamental trading styles, respectively. Whatever your style, you will soon see that the FX Portal can be easily be customised to your methods.

Live data feed, 24 hours

With our forex software, the FX market never sleeps and users have 24/7 market access.

Over 60 currency pairs

Including all the major currency pairing, and then some, the FX Portal allows users to trade with practically all currencies they wish.


Totally electronic execution trading, this system never requires the trader to use a broker for manual trades. Super fast (around 0.05 seconds per trade ) and consistent trades. Absolutely No rejection.


MQL5’s market offers a huge number of third-party extensions, allowing high customisation of the available functions.

Level 2 data

– Keep an eye on the fast-moving markets
– Identify trading opportunities
– Track movements in the price
– Find iceberg orders and many other patterns

To request more information on the FX Portal & pricing options click here and one of our helpful account managers will be in touch soon.